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Get the war criminals arrested now
Get the war criminals arrested now
The recent arrest warrant issued in London for former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni is more than justified.
Wednesday, December 16,2009 18:58
by Khalid Amayreh in occupied Jerusalem PIC&Ikhwanweb

The recent arrest warrant issued in London  for former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni is more than justified.

This woman, along with two other Israeli leaders, Ehud Olmert and  Ehud Barak, stood at the helm of the Israeli government that ordered, supervised and charted  the  genocidal onslaught against the Gaza Strip this time last year.

She was a chief participant in the decision-making process who also supervised the progress of the hideous massacre from the beginning to the end.

Needless to say, the decisions taken by Livni, and other suspected Israeli war criminals, did lead to the murder of more than 1440 people,  including hundreds of innocent children whose lives were terminated by indiscriminate bombings from air, land and sea. This is in addition to the pornographic destruction of a huge part of Gaza’s civilian infrastructure, including tens of thousands of homes, mosques, and public buildings of every kind.

The monstrous, satanic and evil lady knew perfectly what she was doing. She knew that her SS-like army was murdering kids in their mothers’ laps, annihilating entire families, frightened and huddling in their refugee shanties or whatever other places they thought would shield them from death.

She saw the pornographic death and destruction on television screens. She was alerted by human rights organizations, including Israel’s own B’tselem, that the Israeli army was murdering civilians knowingly and deliberately. But she chose to ignore what was too obvious to most people.

And instead of ordering an immediate halt to the massacre, she resorted to mendacious propaganda by blaming the victims and accusing Hamas of using civilians as human shields.

There is a huge mountain of evidence indicting this evil woman. She is an Adolph Hitler in a feminine form. She carries on her sinful hands tons of blood of innocent children and innocent men and women. 

Livni may have a diplomatic immunity, but diplomatic immunity is not a license that gives its bearer license to murder children in cold blood as Livni did nearly 12 months ago.

It is sad that the British government is behaving in a perplexed manner, reluctant to tell Israel that Israel and its leaders are not above the law, including the British law.

Well, the UK should never compromise its own laws for the sake of shielding a war criminal, a mass murderer and child killer, from justice.

A crime is a crime is a crime, irrespective of the religion or race of the perpetrator. I know that certain diplomatic and political considerations may be pressing 10-Downing Street to seek a solution that would appease Israel.

However, appeasement, it should be understood by all, would only embolden Israel to commit more genocidal crimes against the helpless Palestinians and other peoples of the Middle East. After all, crime unpunished is crime encouraged.
In any case, the British government, including Foreign Secretary David Milliband who reportedly described the arrest warrant against Livni as “insufferable” will find itself in an unviable situation, having to defend Israel’s Nazi-like behavior against the people of the Gaza Strip.

First, the British government would have to prove beyond doubt that the 21-day onslaught against Gaza, during which all weapons of death, including white phosphorus, precision missiles and laser-guided bombs were used against the nearly totally unprotected inhabitants of Gaza, didn’t constitute war crimes or crimes against humanity.

However, a claim as such wouldn’t be viewed seriously as it has been established beyond doubt by the UN-mandated investigating commission headed by judge Richard Goldstone that what Israel did in Gaza in last December and January did constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity.

However, if the government does accept the Goldstone report, but still refuses to allow the British justice system to prosecute the diabolical lady because of certain diplomatic and political considerations, then it will be showing extraordinary flaccidity toward Israel and utter contempt for the entire system of justice in the UK.

After all, a justice system that is selective in applying justice, is not a true system of justice.

This is why, the British government should not cower before the Israeli bully or be intimidated by Israeli threats such as the often-made threat that  Israel wouldn’t allow the UK to take part in the so-called “peace process” in case Israeli war criminals were arrested or prosecuted for war crimes before British courts.

Britain must not allow itself to be bullied by this bullying criminal entity whose very existence is based on murder, ethnic cleansing, land theft and lying.

A last word to those known and unknown soldiers who monitor the movement of Israeli war criminals. You are God’s means to make these hateful criminals realize that murdering innocent people has a price.

So, chase them wherever they go, hound them, narrow their horizons, and try to get them apprehended and arrested.

We owe it to these innocent children, who were mercilessly annihilated by the Nazis of our time, to seek justice for them and their families.  We betrayed them when they were alive by failing to protect them from the Nazis of our time, we must not betray them again by denying them justice, even as they are dead.

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