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Islamists want democracy
Islamists want democracy
Authoritarian regimes stem Islamists attempts to participate in democratic processes.
According to Marc Lynch in The National, moderate Islamist movements‘ attempts to participate in democratic processes throughout the Arab world have been stemmed by secular authoritarian regimes
Tuesday, November 3,2009 16:52
by Jason pomed.org



According to Marc Lynch from The National, the moderate Islamist movements‘attempts to participate in democratic processes throughout the Arab world have been stemmed by secular authoritarian regimes. Despite such setbacks, moderate Islamists remain “committed to democratic participation even in the face of massive electoral fraud and harsh campaigns of repression.” However, Lynch worries that “the toll of repression is beginning to show” as the Islamist leadership have begun to disagree about which measures to follow.


Using examples from both Jordan and Egypt, Lynch concludes that “the Islamist debate today is not about the legitimacy of democracy - it is about how to respond to frustrated efforts to play the democratic game.”  He fears that if moderate Islamists cannot find their voice democratically, then more radical leaders will take control. Furthermore, by cracking down on moderate Islamism, Arab regimes “weaken the foundation of democracy as a whole” and diminish public freedoms, transparency and accountability.

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Moderates efforts to accomplish Democracy ... Kirby
I feel a great deal of the problem is the militants themselves who selectively target any Muslim group trying to establish Democracy or any peaceful contact with the west. The pointed assasinations of all Sunni and Shiite moderates who would bring a more Democratic government is as much a fault of the radical Muslims as the secular governments in power. Iraq is a prime example where many Sunni leaders who aren't lined up with militant objectives are summarily executed especially if they try to establish any dialogue with those who want peace in their region aka alliances with westerners, Shiites, etc. Overcome your own problems within your own ranks and then presume to lecture westerners on how to deal with militants who attack western countries. If your militants use civilians as shields, what kind of civilian casualties do you expect? Hamas and Hezbullah both routinely use hospitals, schools, women, and children to hide behind so as to pump up "Israeli attacks against civilians" numbers. When you can publish any semblance of truth in your own news media then maybe the western world will begin to believe some of your output. Until then, it is a joke. What do the Israelis do besides finally getting irate enough over rocket attacks against their own innocent civilians to fight back and then be attacked by all Middle East news media for defending their own? When you are capable of putting out objective facts in your news media then you may get some support from westerners. Israel occupies a tiny scrap of worthless land that they alone put their own sweat and blood into to develop into a paradise. Arab collusion with the Nazis in World War II gives them no rights to claim land given to the Jews after that heinous war. The Arab nations have always attacked Israel first and purposely spread lies of Jews using the blood of "Muslim children" to make their ceremonial breads. What a delusional and sick propaganda offensive of ludicrous lies. The Israelis also invited the Palestinians to joinn them with full citizenship rights in building a new nation. Those who turned them down, bought their own fate. The Arab nations do not one thing to help the Palestinians in any way other than to arm them to fight Israel to make endless offensive attacks rather than help them establish themselves where they are. Clean up your act Muslims and Arabs, then you may earn some righteous respect. You deserve not one iota or speck until then.
Tuesday, December 29,2009 01:12
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