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Renewal of detention for Dr. Mahmoud Hussein and ten other MBs. for 15 Days
Renewal of detention for Dr. Mahmoud Hussein and ten other MBs. for 15 Days
The Prosecutor-General of Qena Prosecutions ordered the detention renewal for 11 of MB leaders today, at the forefront is Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, member of the Guidance Bureau, for 15 days pending investigations in report No. 4016 of 2009-Naga Hammadi Administration.
Thursday, July 2,2009 16:20

The Prosecutor-General of Qena’s Prosecution ordered the renewal of detention for eleven MB leaders today. Dr. Mahmoud Hussein,  a member of the Guidance Bureau was at the top of the list. They will remain in custody a further fifteen days where investigations are pending as stated in report No. 4016 of 2009-Naga Hammadi Administration.
The rest of  the detainees are:

- Hammam Ali Yusuf (Suhag)
- Dr. Mohamed Kamal (Prof. of E.N.T Assiut University)
- Dr. Ali Ezzeddin Sabet (Prof of Ophthalmology, Assiut University)
- Seif Eldin Maghreb (Qena)
- Ammar Hassan Hanafy (Inspector at antiques of Luxor)
- Khalaf Allah Bahnasawy (Employee in the Ministry of Education)
- Abdullah Makhlouf (Employee in Kima Factory in Aswan)
- Sayed Abdullah (Employee at Al-Dawa Schools in Suhag)
- Gamal Ali Selim
- Dr. Khaled El-Sayeh

The State Security Services arrested the group on the 19th June 2009, while they were in the hospitality of Dr. Khaled El-Sayeh in Naga Hammadi.

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