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A Swine Flu Case Discovered in Cairo
A Swine Flu Case Discovered in Cairo
A new swine flu case was discovered in Egypt Friday night as Egyptian medical sources in Matariyya hospital received the patient Arabi Hosny Mohamed Abdel-Raziq who was suffering a high fever
Sunday, May 10,2009 10:46

A new swine flu case was discovered in Egypt Friday night as Egyptian medical sources in Matariyya hospital received the patient Arabi Hosny Mohamed Abdel-Raziq who was suffering a high fever, nose congestion, and vomiting, symptoms which all indicate his possible contraction of the flu.  Upon suspicion of his affliction with the swine flu, Internal Physician Dr. Hamdy Tabl transferred him to the Abbasiyya Fever Hospital and a  Matariyya department source, who was informed, affirmed that the infected patient worked at a pig farm in Baroumein village in Menoufiyya and lived in Ezbat El-Nakhl in Cairo.


The medical source said that the tests carried out for the patient in the Fevers Hospital revealed his contraction of the disease as the results turned out positive.  At the same time, a source in the Central H1N1 Labs of the Ministry of Health said that until 10 p.m. Friday, no positive cases had been reported.  However, no confirmation of this news by the Ministry of Health has been made up to this moment.

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