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26 MB Student Dismissal and Invistagating With Other 24
26 MB Student Dismissal and Invistagating With Other 24
Students in Egypt are still looking for a way to express their opinions and to breath the essence of freedom after they got tired of litigation and demonstrations.
Thursday, March 12,2009 02:10
by Basma Omar IkhwanWeb

Students in Egypt are still looking for a way to express their opinions and to breath the essence of freedom after they got tired of litigation and demonstrations.

University administrations no different than the Egyptian government since it dismissed 26 of MB students and transferred 24 others for investigations from Port Said and Kafr El-Sheikh universities with charges of supporting Gaza, as the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering in the university has put it, he dismissed five MB students because they were hanging plates bearing the slogan “Together to Reconstruct Gaza”. the Dean has also threatened the students to dismiss them for a whole semester and to hinder them from taking the exams in case they carried on their campaign for reconstructing Gaza.
Dozens of students have demonstrated at Al-Azhar university in Mansoura protesting against the decision of dismissing 11 students in addition to transferring a number of them to investigations without clear charges. It should be noted that these students are pioneers in their studies and have very good manners.
The administration of the Faculty of Arts, university of Kafr El-Sheikh has issued a dismissal decision for ten students, three female students among them, for two weeks because they organized a festival of Solidarity with Gaza, which posed a threat on the students academic future.

The Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University has transferred 30 of MB students to investigations with charges of supporting Gaza and launching the campaign of Reconstructing Gaza as he threaten to stand in the way of their future career until they give way their demands for freedom and reconstructing Gaza.

For their part, MB students have launched the campaign of freedoms in Al-Behira and Alexandria starting from 7 to 17th of March.

Students have launched these campaigns in response to the continuous abuses of students and restrictions by security forces, especially the recent event of arresting the student Ahmad Abdel Fattah and the continuous blocking of female students way by the security and the restrictions particularly searching the bags at the entrance of universities.

MB students spokesman stressed that this campaign is part of the campaign (Let’s Remind Each Other) and is not an independent campaign, as students held slogans like “if they are blockaded in Gaza then we are too”, “No to Suppression of Freedoms” and “If you exercise freedom inside the university then you can exercise it anywhere else”.

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