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Expert: Obama’s Administration Prioritises settlement of Arab-Israeli Conflict
Expert: Obama’s Administration Prioritises settlement of Arab-Israeli Conflict
Shourbagy affirmed that Obama’s administration would not meet the demands of political reform because it came to power with a strategy plan for the Middle East with goals to achieve
Sunday, March 8,2009 00:54
by Basma Omar IkhwanWeb

Dr. Manar El-Shourbagy (Professor of Political Science at the American University in Cairo and Expert in the American Affairs) has commented, to Ikhwanweb, on the world’s calls on the U.S Administration to exert pressure on Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia to bring about real political reform.
Shourbagy affirmed that Obama’s administration would not meet the demands of political reform because it came to power with a strategy plan for the Middle East with goals to achieve.
She added “among these objectives bringing back good relations with Iran and to give priority, in its political agenda of the Middle East, to the issue of settlement in the Arab-Israeli conflict. For this reason it needs the support of its allies in the region (Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia) to be used in solving
the Arab-Israeli conflict, however we can say that Obama would adopt the policy of Democrats on political reform issue as did Cater and Clinton in the region before. At least the file of freedom wouldn’t be as bad as it was during the period of George W. Bush.
Manar continued saying that Obama came to the white house intending to review the black file of the previous administration as he started with Guantanamo Bay Prison and decided to close it for a year, sending a message to the people generally and Americans in particular “I am different and I bring you greater reform”.
It is worth mentioning that 80 of the worlds most activists and reform advocates in the Middle East and USA would be sending an open message to the new American President Barack Obama, calling him to adopt a consistent and reliable policy which would support democracy in the Arab and Islamic worlds.
The message would be announced in the National Press Club in Washington next Tuesday, in the presence of Dr. Saad Eldin Ibrahim (Director of Ibn Khaldoun Centre for Development Studies), Dr. Anwar Ibrahim (Deputy of former Malaysian Prime Minister) and some reform advocates in the Middle East.

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