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Nazzal: The battle of Gaza unveiled Israel’s true face
Nazzal: The battle of Gaza unveiled Israel’s true face
Nazzal: The battle of Gaza unveiled Israel’s true face
Sunday, February 15,2009 11:36

Mohamed Nazzal, a member of the Hamas political bureau, stated Saturday in the closing session of the conference on the victory of Gaza organized by the international campaign to resist the aggression in Istanbul that the battle of Gaza overturned all criteria and uncovered the reality of the "Zionist entity".

Nazzal highlighted that one battle cannot achieve a decisive victory and there should be other rounds of fighting in order to liberate Palestine, adding that the Palestinian resistance will never lay down their weapons or raise the white flag.

For his part, Dr. Harith Al-Dhari, the secretary-general of the association of Muslim scholars in Iraq, said during the closing session that the victory of Gaza is a triumph for all resistance forces all over the world, adding that the Islamic Nation will restore its dignity only through resistance.

Dr. Dhari expressed his appreciation to the Turkish people for their honorable positions in support of the Palestinian cause.

For his part, Dr. Hammam Sa"eed, the secretary-general of the Muslim brotherhood in Jordan, underscored that the battle of Gaza ended with the withdrawal of the IOF troops from the positions they invaded after their failure to advance into the cities while the Palestinian resistance fighters remained steadfast in their positions.

Dr. Sa"eed urged the Muslim scholars and intellectuals to declare a new stage of confrontation against the Zio-American aggression on occupied Jerusalem, warning that the Aqsa Mosque experiences the most dangerous stage in its history.

He also called for the protection of Palestinian civilians through supplying the Palestinian resistance with weapons and strengthening its ability to confront any aggression.

The final statement which was issued at the end of the three-day conference expressed clear support for the Palestinian government headed by premier Ismail Haneyya and urged the Palestinian people not to renew the mandate of the current Palestinian authority in Ramallah if new elections were held.

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