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El Gannushi Calls For Comprehensive Political Openness In Tunisia
El Gannushi Calls For Comprehensive Political Openness In Tunisia
In exclusive statements to Ikhwanweb, Sheikh Rachid El Gannushi (head of the Renaissance Movement in Tunisia) called for a comprehensive political openness in Tunisia.
Saturday, November 1,2008 08:39
by Mostafa Radwan IkhwanWeb

In exclusive statements to Ikhwanweb, Sheikh Rachid El Gannushi (head of the Renaissance Movement in Tunisia) called for a comprehensive political openness in Tunisia.

El Gannushi called for such an openness leading to general reconciliations between the regime and the people as well as between the government and opposition in favor of the country and its people.

He asserted his support of the international campaign launched by activist Ali Bin Arafah for the release of political detainees in Tunisia.

El Gannushi indicated that the movement suffered from two-decade arrests because they encountered prison rulings since 1991. "Many members of the movement passed a way in prison and others released after being hit by chronic diseases including Dr. Sadiq Shuru (professor of Medicine and former head of the Renaissance Movement)," added El Gannushi.

He said they are deprived of their rights inside detentions regarding medicines, receiving bulletins or books as well as denying their rights of free movement inside or outside the country, political participation, or labor after release.

He stated that more than 2000 of the new Islamic Awakening youth were arrested and tortured under Terror Law.

He added that the Tunisian government refutes the existence of any political detainees before the Human Rights Organizations; however organizations stress the imprisonment of opinion prisoners who committed no crime but opposing the regime"s policies. The regime might release numbers of detainees whenever pressures were exerted.

Regarding the presidential election scheduled this year, El Gannushi stressed that such election will bring nothing new to the country other than reinforcing the current regime since the ongoing laws ban real political participation and bar political parties and independents from running for elections; "for example, Nagib El Shabi was prevented from participation despite being a high profile official of an acknowledged party.

El Gannushi called for changing the electoral laws to implement real political openness through witch fair presidential and parliamentary elections could be held.

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