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Security Cordons Kafr El Sheikh, Arrests MB Candidate Advocate
Security Cordons Kafr El Sheikh, Arrests MB Candidate Advocate
Intensive security forces cordoned Kafr El Sheikh to force Dr. Hasan Abu She`esha; Brotherhood candidate for the parliamentary election, to withdraw from the elections.
Saturday, November 1,2008 08:28
by Hamzah Mohamed IkhwanWeb

Intensive security forces cordoned Kafr El Sheikh to force Dr. Hasan Abu She`esha; Brotherhood candidate for the parliamentary election, to withdraw from the elections.

Almost 50 security trucks of the anti-riot police set checkpoints on the main streets and squares as well as the gates of the villages of Kafr El Sheikh City in an attempt to suffocate the Muslim Brotherhood candidate and terrify his advocates.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, MB candidate Dr. Abu She`esha stated that the Brotherhood realizes the predetermined election; however it will not be incriminated to abandon reform or ignore corruption.

"Corruption will surely come to an end and we struggle today to mobilize the people for tomorrow," he added accusing the security apparatus of harassing his advocates through tearing down his electoral campaign posters. Further, security forces threatened the MB advocates of detention if participated in the campaigns of the Brotherhood candidate.

On the other hand, Kafr El Sheikh Prosecution imprisoned six detainees for 15 days. Those detainees were arrested Thursday predawn. Also, MB advocate Shehata Mohamed Hamid was detained as well.

The Egyptian parliamentary election (2005) has been frozen due to a challenge filed by a candidate for not enlisting his name in the ballots. Previous parliamentary election in Kafr El Sheikh was deemed to be repeated between Dr. Hasan Abu She`esha (14500 votes) and the NDP candidate Ashraf Abdul Wanis (8000 votes).

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