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University Student Detained, Other Abducted
University Student Detained, Other Abducted
Egyptian Security forces including state officers, soldiers, and state security detectives stormed into the house of Mahmoud Haroun, a student at Faiom University, Dar El-Uloum
Friday, October 17,2008 09:53
by Hashim Amin IkhwanWeb


Egyptian Security forces including state officers, soldiers, and state security detectives stormed into the house of Mahmoud Haroun, a student at Faiom University, Dar El-Uloum Faculty; and detained him Thursday dawn.

The security force led by Officer Marwan Mazen who is responsible for the state security"s students section devastated and messed around with the furniture of the house. They also seized a number of Haroun"s books. They took him to the custody without any legal basis for capture.

Haroun is he fifth student to be arrested since the start of 2008 academic year. He was referred to investigation as well as other three detainees.

Ali Abdul-Hasib, a third- year student of Education Faculty, reached home late on Wednesday after being abducted by a security force during trying to enter the university gate.


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