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IOF extort Palestinian students to work as collaborators
IOF extort Palestinian students to work as collaborators
RAMALLAH,(PIC)-- At least seven Palestinian citizens were kidnapped at the hands of the IOF troops on Tuesday in the West Bank city of Tulkarem after they stormed the
Wednesday, August 20,2008 14:23

RAMALLAH,(PIC)-- At least seven Palestinian citizens were kidnapped at the hands of the IOF troops on Tuesday in the West Bank city of Tulkarem after they stormed the city and ransacked commercial stores there, Palestinian local sources confirmed.


According to the sources, large number of IOF troops backed by military vehicles and jeeps raided the town of Enebta, east of the city at dawn Tuesday before arresting the seven youths, adding that the IOF incursion was in reaction to the daily clashes between the town"s residents and the Israeli occupation soldiers.


A number of agricultural materials were confiscated from the invaded stores as the IOF troops alleged that those materials were used by the Palestinians to manufacture bombs and explosives, it added.


Another Palestinian citizen identified as Ahmad Faqha, 21, was also rounded up at the king Hussein bridges that connects the West Bank with Jordan upon his return from Jordan. Faqha was jailed in the PA prisons in the West Bank for 11 days before departure to Jordan.


An activist from the Quds Brigade, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, was also arrested by the IOF troops after he was released from the Israeli jails three months ago.


In a related matter, independent legal reports confirmed that the Israeli occupation intelligence were taking advantage of the need for Palestinian students to leave the Gaza strip to join their universities by trying to recruit them to work as collaborators for the occupation, if they want to be allowed to leave.


The Israeli practices forced the students to avoid leaving the Strip through Israeli-controlled crossing points on fears they might be arrested and prosecuted.


More than 22 Arab and Egyptian legal institutions called on the Egyptian government to allow those stranded students to pass through the Rafah crossing point in order not to "destroy their future. Egypt had been refusing to officially open the Rafah crossing point for nearly two years for "unjustified" reasons that the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip said they couldn’t buy.


The London-based Al-Hayat newspaper quoted a statement issued by those legal institutions as confirming that only few students were allowed to leave the tiny Strip after European countries like Britain and Belgium pressured Israel to let them travel and continue their studies in universities there.


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