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MB Mourns Labor Party Leader
MB Mourns Labor Party Leader
The Muslim Brotherhood expressed condolences over death of labor party leader Ibrahim Shokry who died Tuesday at the age of 92.
Thursday, August 7,2008 05:12

The Muslim Brotherhood expressed condolences over death of labor party leader Ibrahim Shokry who died Tuesday at the age of 92.


Mohamed Mahdy Akef and MB Parliamentary Bloc attended the funeral on Wednesday.


“Shokry was one of the prominent Egyptian national leaders who spent his life in defense of freedoms and democracy,” Akef said in a statement.


Since his engagement in political life in the 1930s, Ibrahim Shokry was one of those who had a great impact on the political practice in Egypt.


He was fired in 1934 while participating in a demo against the British occupation of Egypt at Abbas" Bridge. He continued his national struggle through Misr Al-Fatat movement before 1952 revolution.


He was appointed a governor for the New Valley in 1972 after which he was chosen by late President Sadat to be a minister of agriculture. But he did not stay for a long period in this post because he resigned and reverted to party work. He established the Labor Party through which he managed to go through many political battles until the party was frozen in May 2000. Eventually, he abandoned political activity.


Shokry was a strong politician and a member of all parliamentary councils in which he used to file pro-poor people bills though belonging to a very rich family at Sherbeen city.


He proposed the agrarian reform laws adopted by the revolution. He continued as a member of the parliament till he was excluded via fraud.


He decided to convert the Labor Party from the socialist orientation to the Islamist one in the 1980s when the Islamic thinker Adel Hussein and other Islamists joined the party. Despite all governmental impediments, he could change the orientation of the party.


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