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Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Istanbul, India Bombings
Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Istanbul, India Bombings
The Muslim Brotherhood condemned Monday’s bombings in Istanbul which killed 16 and wounded 150 in an attack hours ahead of a court case over banning the governing party.
Monday, July 28,2008 09:31

The Muslim Brotherhood condemned Monday’s bombings in Istanbul which killed 16 and wounded 150 in an attack hours ahead of a court case over banning the governing party.

This comes two days after the deadly bombings in the Indian city of Ahmedabad on Saturday which killed 49 and injured more than 114 so far.

While no one has claimed responsibility for Istanbul blasts, two militant Islamic groups, Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami (HuJi) and the Indian Mujahedeen, have claimed responsibility for the attacks in India in what appears to be response to the 2002 attacks in Gujarat which killed more than 1000 people, mostly Muslims.


MB Deputy Chairman Dr. Mohamed Habib said in statements to Ikhwanweb that MB reaffirms its belief that random violence and killing innocent people whether Muslims or non Muslims, cannot be the way to resolve conflicts and grievances.


Habib warned that these acts of violence will only incite more violence against Muslims from other extremist groups and called on all concerned parties to engage in dialogue to end the cycle of violence.


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