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Dr. Abdul-Haii Al-Faramawy Arrested in Place of His Son!
Dr. Abdul-Haii Al-Faramawy Arrested in Place of His Son!
Egyptian State security forces have arrested Dr. Abdul-Haii Al-Faramawi, professor of Qur’an interpretation and deputy of a faculty in Azhar University, today at dawn.
Tuesday, April 22,2008 12:51

Egyptian State security forces arrested today in a pre-dawn raid Dr. Abdul-Haii Al-Faramawi, professor of Qur’anic interpretation at Azhar University.

Initially, security forces broke into Dr. Al Faramawy’s house to arrest his son, Mohamed, who was not home at the time of the raid. When Dr. Al-Faramawy tried to inquire from police force about the reason for searching for his son, they arrested him instead!.

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