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MPs Demand Emergency House Session and Serious Gov’t Stance against Israeli Massacres
MPs Demand Emergency House Session and Serious Gov’t Stance against Israeli Massacres
The Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc held a press conference outside the Parliament building today (Sunday March, 2nd)at 1:00pm to discuss the repercussions of latest Israeli massacres in Gaza and action plans by members of parliament in response.
Sunday, March 2,2008 15:54
by Nadine Abdullah IkhwanWeb

The Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc held a press conference outside the Parliament building today (Sunday March, 2nd)at 1:00pm to discuss the repercussions of latest Israeli massacres in Gaza and action plans by members of parliament in response. 

A number of media outlets and Egyptian political powers have attended the press conference held by the MB bloc which was followed by a protest to declare the MPs’ refusal to the current situation. 

Dr. Mohamed Saad Al Katatni, chairman of MB parliamentary bloc in the People"s Assembly, told Ikhwanweb correspondent today that the protest held inside the Parliament building included more than 75 MPs who are willing to continue their protest till the Egyptian government declares a positive reaction towards what happens in Gaza daily. 

Al-Katatny stated that members of the People’s Assembly are now waiting for a delegate from the government like Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul-Gheit to tell them about government’s plans and suggestions concerning the daily atrocites in Gaza Strip, and to listen to demands of MPs concerning the situation in Palestine.

The demands stated by the MB Parliamentary bloc, supported by a number of other political figures as well, included ending the blockade imposed on Gaza Strip through re-opening the border crossing, providing Gaza residents with Gas and electricity supplies and ending Egypt’s gas supplies to Israel.

The bloc also called for an urgent session by the Egyptian People’s Assembly to study ways of backing the Palestinian people and stopping the IOF violations, and to hold a public referendum on the Camp David accords.

 Moreover, a memo with MPs’ demands will be sent tomorrow morning to the Egyptian President in case their protest is not met with appropriate government reaction. 

Al-Katatni stated that in case such hideous massacres and violations by Israeli Occupation forces continue without positive attitudes from the Egyptian government, the MB Parliamentary bloc will invite all political powers and Egyptian people to gather in huge peaceful demonstrations denying the Israeli acts. 

"demonstrations would be taken to the streets all around Egypt should the current situation continue." said Al-Katatny, head of the MB Parliamentary bloc. 

In addition to Muslim Brotherhood MPs, a significant number of political figures participated in today’s protest including independent MPs Gamal Zahran, Mostafa Bakry, Alaa Abdul-Mon’em, and Mohamed Abdul-Aziz Dawoud of Al-Wafd Party. 

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