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State Security Forces Storm MP Bureau in Dakahlya
State Security Forces Storm MP Bureau in Dakahlya
The Egyptian state security forces broke into the bureau of MB Parliamentarian, Ibrahim Abu-Ouf, in Daqahlia during the dawn arrest raids launched by the government against Muslim Brotherhood leaders on Wednesday Feb. 27.
Thursday, February 28,2008 02:45

 Egyptian state security forces broke into the bureau of  MB Parliamentarian, Ibrahim Abu-Ouf, in Daqahlia during the dawn arrest raids launched by the government against the Muslim Brotherhood leaders Wednesday dawn.
It is noteworthy that this escalation by  Egyptian authorities intensively increased over the last two months in an attempt to prevent MB affiliates from fielding candidates in the April 8 municipal elections.
MP Ibrahim Abu-Ouf confirmed that he would soon inform the general prosecutor and send an urgent memo to the President of the Egyptian People’s Assembly protesting the act of  attacking his bureau by security forces.
MP Ibrahim added that such attack took place despite the immunity he has.
He added that the message the Egyptian regime wants to deliver through these continuous raids against MB members proves the regime’s great weakness, and that such regime believes in nothing but using force and oppression against his opponents.

 The government’s crackdown, said Abo-Ouf, delays the march of reform in Egypt, and would not prevent MB candidates from practicing their legitimate roles in the government.
At last, he confirmed that the increasing escalation by the government before the municipal elections is a failure, and would only increase the popularity of MB candidates.

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