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Siwa Policemen Burn Egyptian Alive
Siwa Policemen Burn Egyptian Alive
Egyptian policemen at the Siwa police station burnt the victim Yahya Abdullah Atoum after soaking his body in alcohol and st him to fire.
Saturday, July 28,2007 19:34
Egyptian policemen at the Siwa police station burnt the victim Yahya Abdullah Atoum after soaking his body in alcohol and st him to fire.
Matrouh prosecution started investigating this incident of torturing a Youngman and burning him alive. Mamdouh Al Darbali, the Bar Association chief at Matrouh, submitted a complaint to the prosecution, including an official accusation from the victim"s family to the police officers. This incident took place on July, 3rd, 2007, when Yahia Abdullah Atoum, 19 years, was accused of stealing cables with two fugitives. When he denied committing such a crime, some officers brought alcohol and poured it on him and set his body on fire. He was sent to hospital in a critical condition .
Fathi Abdullah, the victim"s brother said that relatives of the officers offered compensations to withdraw the complaint, but the victim"s family refused, demanded a quick investigation into the incident.
He has just returned from Libya, said the victim"s father, when the police officers raided us and took him. He was sent after that to a hospital in Alexandria. When I phoned the security directorate, it told me I will meet my son when he recovers.
The victim"s brother revealed that his brother " the victim " phoned him and informed him that he is in the Libyan city of Benghazi, suffering from severe burns. He told him that when he was inside Siwa police station, an officer and police corporal exercised pressures on him to confess stealing power cables.
When the victim refused to confess, the police corporal poured a bottle of alcohol on him and the officer set him o fire, and left him inside the arrest room screaming and fighting the fire engulfing his body. The victim tried to extinguish the fire through taking off his clothes. They set him on fire several times.
Fearing that he may recover and submit a torture complaint against them, the officer and the police corporal stopped a truck heading for Benghazi in Libya, and ordered him to throw the victim in the desert. The victim managed to escape from the driver in Libya, and phoned his family who revealed the tragedy.
His brother added that:" We won"t stop short of defending the dignity of my brother whose humanity was violated by a group of officers. Siwa tribal leaders met major general, Ali Metwalli, Matrouh security manager to tell him this tragedy, demanding him a retaliation on the officers who burnt Yahya alive.
Mamdouh Al Derbali, the Bar Association chief in Matrouh, confirmed that he submitted a memo to Matrouh public prosecution to open an investigation into the incident of torturing and burning Abdullah Atoum alive.
Al Derbali pointed out that such an incident isn"t the first and won"t be the last to be committed inside police stations. He demanded stopping such savage methods in dealing with Egyptian citizens and sending to justice those charged of committing such sadistic exercises against citizens, under a full lack of transparency in treating citizens inside police stations.

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